How I Gamble for Profit

Gambling need not be something to be frowned upon. Though this word can raise a lot of eyebrows and earn a lot of frowns and disappointed nods, one can use gambling to their benefit too. Yes gambling can be addictive and it involves using your hard earned money, but it need not result in you losing it always.

Here is how I use gambling to earn a good profit:

esports Betting

Betting on games can be a fun way to gamble and earn some quick money. Today there are many websites that enable you to bet on your favorite teams or a race online. This removes the need for you to be physically present at the venue or stand in a queue waiting to pay your money and place your bet.

These best sites in UK for esports betting not only provide you various options to bet on but will also provide you with the essential details required to place a good bet. When you are betting on a sports team, you need a lot of details. Details such as their past performance as a team, the performance of each individual, how they have fared in similar situations, easier situations, tougher situations, etc, are all essential to decide on your bet.

I take my time with these websites, read up on all the article and details they have provided. This helps me understand and analyze both the team and its opponents better. Once I know about them, I decide on how much to be on what or whom.

I also ensure I don’t cross a particular limit so that my losses are minimal. I spread my bets in such a way that even if I suffer a loss, it is minimized and compensated for. This way, not only am I ensuring I don’t lose by gambling but am also creating enough opportunities to earn a profit from this betting.

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Sports Wagering Types

Sports wagering is one of the most popular type of gambling across the entire globe. If you are planning to try your luck by placing a bet on any of your favorite sport such as soccer or basketball then this article is a must read for you. Whether it is national league fixtures or non-league fixtures in soccer, before you get started, you must know the types of bets available.

  • Straight bets are the most basic type of bets in sports. Such types of bets are usually placed mostly in sports like basketball and football. A betting line which is also called the point spread is set and any team or player that is the favorite has to win exceeding the set point spread for cash-in.
  • Total line bets are also very popular when it comes to betting. In this, a number is fixed which will be the combination of final scores of both the teams. So, you have to bet on over or under that total score.
  • Money line bet is the one in which a bettor has to choose a team that he believes will win and it needs no point spread. You can place such bets in almost all the major sports but they are mostly suitable for sports like hockey and baseball.
  • Parlay bets involve grouping of two or more picks together. Adjustment of the betting odds can be done on a parlay payout on the basis of total number of picks that are grouped together.
  • Head to head bets are usually placed on sports like golf where the wager is placed between two of the competitors. Whoever wins the tournament scoring the highest points will win. This is a very popular betting type although it can be very tough to choose an outright winner within a large field.
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How to Count Cards at Poker


Counting cards was first made popular by the Hollywood film “21”, which sensationalised how you could clean up Las Vegas counting cards at black jack. This technique can also be used for poker which just as successful results. Please understand this is technically not against the rules and you will need to remember large amounts of numbers while at the same time doing it stealthily so that nobody notices what you are doing, but you don’t want to be caught doing it and if you’re lucky you’ll just get banned from the casino.

First it’s always best to get very acquainted with the game and learn all the strategies you can. This isn’t going to work if you have no idea what your doing. To understand how this technique works you need to know that because the deck is shuffled after every hand the hand before has nothing to do with the hand after. Therefore, what you are doing is counting the cards with which can win, against all the unseen hands and comparing them in your head. I know sounds impossible but it can be done with practice.

You will always know the 2 cards you have in your hand so you need to account for another 50 cards. A very crucial note to remember is when you’re trying to count cards is to never double count the cards you need to create your hand and be careful not to count outs that will mistakenly give your opponent better odds of winning.

The more people in a game the more you can calculate which cards are live and what hands your opponents have, especially if you are playing online, this can make counting cards much easier.

Understanding these fundamental will help you improve your long-term poker game. When your opponent makes a bet remember is always helpful to count the cards so that you can calculate the odds of winning round.…

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