Electric Bikes- your eco-friendly companion.

How old is your bicycle or bike? Can you recollect? Do you still have it in good shape? Or, it’s just a piece of remembrance? Whatever it is, bicycle is the best transport of all times. The regular bicycles are really environment friendly, no doubt in that. Cycling becomes best exercise too and they are cost effective. Many countries and people are adopting cycling as a means of transport, majorly. it is indeed a good move, where the earth is actually losing its sheen due to pollution and is becoming one of the unsafe places. While all these are good features of a regular bike. There are a few hurdles in them. When you want to climb a hill or do some trekking these bikes will make you tired. Doing all the heavy work manually, you will become dreaded. So, does that mean that you forget trekking with your bikes?

No way!! There are Electric bikes for your comfort and passion. Don’t be moved by the name electric bike! They are nothing but ordinary bikes, fitted with some electric components like battery etc. so, what exactly are these electric bikes and how they differ from their regular counterparts?

Let’s see, read on. Electric bikes are those bikes (very similar to ordinary bikes in appearance and mechanism) fitted with rechargeable batteries (mostly) and other components integrated very seamlessly. These bikes come in different variants, suitable for different purposes, but mainly they give you propulsion. So you rocket ahead in hilly areas, terrains with less effort.

How does the electric bike work?

Here 3 main components form the heart, the motor, battery and drivetrain. When we pedal the bike, motor works, pulling some more energy from battery the bike propels forward with more force than the regular one. There is another variation as complete electric bike that gives you no workout. That’s a little easy for those worrying to pedal or even to older people for saving their carbon footprints and their money too.

Well, so there are many e bikes for sale. You have all the online shops decked with all variations available, electric only bikes, pedal assisted ones, and only pedal with motors. And they are affordable too, based on the brand and type you choose. But, are you looking for a budget friendly option? Then there is a solution to it, never fret. There are DIY conversion kits available, with just some mechanical work; you will convert your regular bike into e-bike. That’s amazing!! Don’t you want to know how?

There is electric bike conversion kit with battery available everywhere, in online and offline stores. Select the best ones based on your requirement and start working at it, you will feel the happiness gleaming in your bike.

When you are ready with kit, all you need to do is, follow these simple steps, and we are sure your bike will be no less in power than the store bought ones.

Take out the rear wheel

Put on hub wheel

Time to install torque arm

Axle alignment is needed to be done.

Do some electric work of wiring and giving few connections.

Rear rack can be installed.

Back bag, to hold and cover your battery.

Now, it’s the turn of your controller.

Do the wire routing.

Check the plug connections.

Tie up the plugs

Add the throttle and donate some power to your bike.

Voila, your easy breezy bike is all set to take you to the moon.