To receive Pay Dirt points you must work your hours

Pay Dirt This program was developed to get racers involved in trail maintenance & improvement. Individuals who work on approved trails during official workdays can earn race points. Up to 60 points can be earned per season. For each hour of trail work 6 pay dirt points will be awarded the best review for razor mx650!. These points have often made the difference between finish results in the series. To receive Pay Dirt points you must work your hours and submit the pay dirt forms by August 11th, 2013. Please do not ask for an extension. It is your responsibility to get paperwork in on time.

Points & Prizes - The main purpose of the series is to provide experiences of fun, excitement, and challenges. We hope to encourage folks toward doing their personal best rather than developing expert racers. Many promoters have received prizes from local supporters. These prizes are given as a token thank you for your participation they are not given as a means in themselves. They hope you will receive them in this manner. The series encourages winners to move up in category after winning the season’s category. In the riders advancement all USA Cycling MTB rules will apply. Category advancement can be waved if someone is in contention of winning a series category. The official will require you to get a wavier from USA Cycling. This will give everyone a chance to be a winner. Promoters are allowed to combine categories if there are few participants in the class per USA Cycling MTB rules. In this series for 2013 there are 14 events, your series total will be 9 events and pay dirt points. You will need to participate in 5 of the 14 events to qualify for year end awards.

This season the series will only be tracking for Cross Country (XC) as the numbers for the other disciplines have dropped over the past few years. We will take another look next year at adding them back in to the series.

Racing categories will have points tallied throughout the year with points distributed based on a factor of finish placing and pack size. For a given race, series points are awarded as follows:

  • Series Points = Pack Points + Finish Points.
  • Pack points = the number of starters of the race. Pack Points are awarded to every finisher who finishes 20th or above. Finish points are based on category and placing (see table). Due to the number of events (13) and large travel distance, racers may drop 4 events coolster atv reviews for 2017. For example, a Female Sport 19-29 racer finishes 3rd in a race that 12 people start. She would receive 12 (pack points) + 48 (finish points) = 60 series points for that race. Again, you must finish the race to receive pack points.
  • Pay dirt points are added to the total points at the end of the series. Trophies and/or medals are given to the over-all top three series finishers in the categories listed previously.
  • Individual results at each event will be posted and a 15 minute protest period observed. It is the racer’s responsibility to deal with discrepancies or incorrect results before the protest period ends. The promoter turns their results into Jim Smalley (series co-director) after their event is over. If there is a change in results the promoter needs to contact Jim Smalley A.S.A.P. upon finding the need for a change.